Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stop With the Recounts!

Surely by now, you've discovered that kids can write re-counts, even if they can't write anything else! So why bother with those daily journals? Where's the learning? Aren't you a little tired reading:

I went to the mall with my mom. Then I bought a new video game. I played my new video game with my friend Jack. Jack liked it. I liked it too. I hope when I go to the mall again, I can get another new video games. I like playing video games.
The End.

So what do you do? You balance your writing program. Provide opportunities for opinion writing, persuasive writing, procedural writing, and expository writing to name a few.

Another strategy to 'get them writing' is to ask higher level thinking questions and give them a free write. How about, 'If I could make the world a better place' or ' Why uniforms should or shouldn't be allowed to be worn at school' or 'Why every student should have a laptop'.

Have anymore ideas? Post them and share with our fellow educators.
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